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I have been getting people stopping by noticing how nicely the Locust tree canopy has been opened.

Thank you for a beautiful trimming.

Tree Care Professional Better Business Bureau member


Tree pruning

Tree pruning (with thorough clean-up)

A regular pruning program is essential for keeping your trees safe, beautiful and healthy. The periodic removal of portions of the tree is done to enhance the appearance and value of landscaping.

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Additional reasons to maintain a regular pruning program:

1. The health of ornamental and shade trees depends on pruning.
2. Training the growth pattern of young trees.
3. Removal of dead, weak, storm damaged, crossing or diseased branches.
4. Reduces the risk of storm damage (ice, snow, wind).
5. Clear from buildings, homes, wires, streets, and drives.

Thorough cleanup is a focus to ensure the property gets left the same way we entered it, if not cleaner. We take pride in a job followed through from start to finish.

anthracnose on leaf

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